SnoreSet™ – Official Retailer

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SnoreSet™ is a cutting-edge solution designed to tackle snoring and enhance sleep quality. It utilizes advanced technology to monitor snoring patterns and deliver targeted interventions, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for users and their partners.

  • Intelligent Monitoring: SnoreSet™ incorporates an intelligent snore recognition system that tracks snoring episodes during sleep.

  • Patented Algorithm: It employs a patented anti-snoring algorithm to accurately determine the snoring index of users, providing personalized intervention.

  • Micro-Vibration Intervention: Upon detecting snoring, SnoreSet™ intervenes with micro-vibrations, stimulating the brain’s nerve center to tighten throat muscles and open the airway, reducing or eliminating snoring.

  • Comfortable and Effective: Rated highly for comfort and effectiveness, SnoreSet™ boasts a 96% success rate in addressing sleep apnea, providing instant relief from snoring from the very first night.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: The accompanying Sleeplus app allows users to monitor sleep data, including snoring patterns, intervention effectiveness, and sleep analysis reports, empowering them to track their progress and make informed decisions about their sleep habits.

SnoreSet™ – Official Retailer